Friday, August 5, 2011

@Aoi_theGazette has been deleted his twitter acc? WHY!?


Oneday I heard the news 'bout the desire Aoi from gazette who want to delete his twitter account..
n many ppl says it's all cause of a fanatical fan who sent him words looks weird. (Maybe?) call her pipo7. *not the real name*

Like this :
"Aoi do you hate me???"

But Aoi still replied her tweet like this :
"Good grief. That's not my intention(´;ω;`)"

he mean.. "I didn't mean it like that"

n A few days later (11.08.04、+/- 15pm from Japan) finally Aoi deleted his acc. But... Really?Is it true??? Just because of a fan like that he do that??? I donno、I can't believe it. actually I'm not sure...



when I saw the acc of pipo7、many ppl blame her. A girl thought to have come from Iraq (Earlier my friend says she's from korea. Because she look at her bio that uses hangul letters).

I donno where they got pipo7's account、also how can they know pipo7 is the reason of Aoi decide to delete his account..?

But many ppl sent a lot of mentions to her n bashed her. I read the 1st tweet she got n next tweets she got.. Even before Aoi delete his account. Pipo7 not only sent the sentence to Aoi、but also to other Idol she likes. The sentence stating that she wanted to be friends with her idol. Or a sentence stating that she liked her idol..
But... I still can't think that just because of the sentence from a girl fan、he decided to delete his acc. Omg. I don't wanna believe it. How fragile u're、.. Aoi-sama.. *shocked*

Actually I'm not sure、... Aoi has many followers、I donno how pipo7 could be a target?? *poor of you、pipo7.. :( * cause many the girls r obsessed cause of Aoi..

I don't defend her. But also don't blame her. I just think doesn't make sense if a Aoi delete his account just because of a girl fan. I think Aoi would have ever experienced something more than this. Because he is a STAR!!★
He has experienced the risk of becoming an idol. n pipo7、she didn't mean to hurt Aoi cause she just a fan of Aoi. I mean、I imagine what would happen if I was pipo7? n what if it happened to u? So I think the fanatic girl wasn't the reason. Maybe he had another reason.. Unless Aoi is as fragile as it...
(Like me)

don't jugde someone for no reason and strong proof...
Every human being no one is perfect、no human being is always right... Me too.
Although u judge or blame others、Aoi account was gone, gone, n gone..not coming back... (Unless he wants to create、 a new account)
But、he always in our hearts、rite? Of course.
Don't blame each other、Do you feel satisfied after u blame others? I think Aoi-sama wouldn't like it when his fans blame each other like this、rite?

I donno why I can say like this...
I love Aoi、you love Aoi、he/she love Aoi、We love Aoi...

I miss Aoi on twitter acc...
of course


I feel sad when I read a lot of mentions to pipo7、so many ppl blame her.. n me?、I can't blame pipo. We're same...



  1. yes, Aoi still in our hearts <3 <3 <3

  2. pipo7 is your friend? why do u seem so care about her?

  3. I know her. she got a lot of tweets so scared lol . I previously had thought that she was a girl who sucks! but I think your opinion has a point..your opinion is true..