Sunday, February 3, 2013

I will never forget you, Mr. 19:19

Heart rumble...

I saw the sky from my window.. 

My foot step out soon..

I looked at the dark sky.. 

And droplets of water falling from the sky.. 

Wetting this body...

I stood alone.. 

In the middle of this rain.. 

Is the sky is sad? 

I don't know...

For the second time, I enjoy this wet, I enjoyed this cold.. 

The rush of rain n this silence... 

The shadow illusion caused by the rain..

My tears flow..


No one will ever realize.. 

And I don't need anyone to know this feeling..

The rain hid tears is witnes..
is that cool, isn't it?


I closed my eyes.. 

Imagine yourself..

Remember our dreams were just being a dream.. 

Remember the promises were just being a promise.. 

All the things that are not being fulfilled..

Did you know..? 

No one is able to peer into this heart... 

It's hard to keep smiling.. 

It's hard to stay cool.. 



Every day, Every time, Every where
I may not be with you
But My thinking, My care,
My prayers, and My love
always with you :)

How are you there..?
Every day is about yourself...

Always think about you...

Worried about you...
Myself is really really hope you're okay

I miss you here.....





I miss you all the time....

Do you also feel the same..?
I didn't expect much, of course..

Whenever you miss me
Don't look for me in your dream
Just put your right hand in
your heart and you will feel
me in your heart beats...

But this heart is always covered by a sense of loneliness..


I seem to have lost something important..

I've lost something very precious in my life...

The fact is life wouldn't be the same without you n all the memories you have given me..

I don't regret having known you..

Knowing that I would be much closer to you..

Although only limited to the plan.. 

Although only a momentary delusion..

No matter what others say..

Memorable moments with you...

Memories are not forgotten.. 

Everything is so precious...

You encourage me when I'm down, 
You make me feel good about myself, 
You make me laugh, 
You show me your love in so many ways...

Yes, you..

People who make me feel lonely.. 

People who have made me weak.. 

People who make me can't sleep at nite.. 

That messed me... 

Someone who makes me feel I can't stand alone ..

My tears kept flowing..

These feelings are real..

it hurts..


because of this pain is the only bond that remains of you 

So, I wanna keep it.. 

I enjoyed enough this sadness because of you..

In the end only one thing that my heart was realized amid of loud cries..



A candle may melt..
And it’s fire may die..
The love you have given me,
Will always stay as a flame
In my heart..





Day by day...

Fate that I lead today..
I'll hugging in the heart that turns into hope for tomorrow..

More, more.. 

I wanted to come closer to you...

Suppose always could be with you..

No matter how many wounds I get..

I would have been able to go through all that..

Dear you.. 

Who always be there for me..

I wanna say..

Thank you very much..

If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. 
If you wanna cry, I'll be your shoulder. 
If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. 
If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile.
But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.

Sho, please always be happy
Cause your happiness is mine too! :)


  1. how romantic and so sad

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  3. sad but very romantic :')
    I feel like to crying after read this *tears and looking for tissue

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  5. Hana-nee! I've read it. you know my tears are dripping!! KYAHH!!
    I don't know how deep you love Shota T___T
    Is so SAD but I see no pleasure in it. Romantic!

    I thought you were going to tell a story, but as I've seen, it turns out a beautiful poem :')

    Keep smiling Hana-nee! Cause if you're smiling, Shota will be smiling too!
    Ganbatte nee!

    I Love You, Hana-nee!! *haggu*