Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bibi Meow

I just found some picts of this cat from the variety of different media n I think it's really adorable, isn't it? Cz this cat looks neat, dilligent n like cleanliness, right? What a cat! I dunno this cat male or female, from the sight he looks cool as male but her attitude like a female I think... n I called this cat as a "Bibi Meow" hehe

Btw cz this cat's pose too cute that's why I wanna post some picts of this cat to my blog n btw the color of his fur reminds me of my cat, Mori! But my cat is male. fufufu~

Thank you for anyone who took some of these picts that really adorable! I love it! Anyway if yuh find the kind of these picts let me know sankyuu~

Watering plants in the garden

Tea time

Washing the Plates

Pull out clothes from the washing machine

Drying the Clothes

Ironing the Clothes

Clean the dust on the Piano

Clean the Sink

Wiping the Window

Sweeping the Floor

Changing Bed Linen

This is my Mori btw :)

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