Monday, December 23, 2013

Just a Second

Been so long I wanna post this movie into my blog. I knew this movie from my older brother. Believe it or not it's probably more than a year I wanna post it lulz but I have no time enough to enjoy with blogging :P 

I wanna tell yuh about..

"Just a second" is a short movie or mini movie. That's why the duration isn't long. But this movie quite touching. sweet n sad. This movie played by Kao Jirayu n Nattasha Nualjam. Produced by Pepsi in Thailand. 

Tells the story of a man named Kao. He returned to his school after a year has passed. He saw a tree n a medal hanging there. Then he remember his past. Flash back.

When he met a girl named Natt in the men's toilet. They met in a bit ridiculous situation of course. Cz at that time Kao was pee after playing football. But it bcos when Natt in the ladies toilet.. she locked there. That's why she had to climb a wall that's related to the men's toilet. 

At the same time there's a rumor among students. Spread about Natt that she's a s*ut. Cz some ppl find her often check in n check out into the hotel or bar. One day, she found her skirt hv been cut by her friends. Seems like a bully I think... maybe cz of that rumor. But she didn't care about it n she was still wearing her skirt after school. Many students who mocked her. Kao saw it n he felt sorry n care about her. So, he followed her cz he intends to lend his foot ball pants to her to replace her skirt. Finally he followed her till at the night bar or something like a hotel. In this case I don't really know hehe. so u can watch it later, ok?

At that time, Kao just understand a thing at that nite. He found out that Natt is a singer. So, when ppl found she looks out n get into the hotel or bar, those ppl misunderstanding about her job n havin' bad thoughts againts her without knowing the truth. Kao that heard her melodious voice eventually falls in love with her. Natt was surprised to know that Kao follow her n finally she knew Kao only wanted to take his pants to lend her. She felt Kao is a man who's care n full of attention.

If you're given just a second, n must do something precious, valuable. What would you do?

Scoring the ball into the goal
Nothing else?
This is my last year. I dunno still going foot ball or not after that. How about you?
Exams will be held soon. These beautiful flowers will be bloom, It's beautiful in the spring. If there's time, I would like to see it. It would be awesome.
So, let's see it together later :)

After that, they both become close to each other. Finally they both love each other. Kao always with Natt. He accompanied her singing in the bar at nite. One morning, Kao's friend's teased him in front of him directly then his friends gave a proof of the pict that last nite, Kao n Natt went into the bar together. Kao became angry n beat up one of his friends cz said anything bad about Natt. He immediately seek Natt n asked her to go anywhere with him.

They both spent time together on an island. Probably outside of the city...

They were happy to escape. (In this case I still can't understand that there r ppl like this, cz they still students in a school however. Maybe power of love :P)
Even though they live together n sleep together, but they don't hv sex n it makes me feel salute. Cool, right? At least it still looks the moral values contained in it.

One day, they run out of money n finally Kao uses his credit card n it made his dad know their location without contact Kao directly. Only a few days they were happy after Kao's dad picked him up, Kao left Natt on the island. (n I still understand why Natt didn't join with Kao n his dad to back cz they still student in the school, right? what's wrong with yuh, dad? *eh :P) Kao tried to jump from the ship to meet Naat but it didn't work. That's too bad D;

After that, Kao lived his own life, so did Natt. Natt who don't wanna disturb the lives of Kao has plans to go to Germany. Kao didn't know about it. She hoped that Kao would be happy without her. But Kao tried to find the news about her at school n at the bar but he didn't find her. Suddenly he became lazy play foot ball while the match will be held soon.

One day she appeared in front of Kao n encouraging him, support him to do the match n she said she still wants a medal from him. Kao become more spirit. He finally play foot ball again n won the game. Kao succesful to get a medal n he wanted to give that medal to Natt. But she doesn't appear in that place. Altough Kao had long been waiting for... 

Then she never appeared anymore...

Eventually the medal hung on a tree by Kao. He hopes that Natt will come to take the medal. One day maybe? But she never appeared anymore..

After graduation n become a soccer champion, Kao had never meet Natt anymore. But Kao still waiting that if someday she could take the medal cz he still remembers that the girl wanted his medal. Probably cz she talked like that which make Kao wait until next spring.

But untill Kao become mature n the paint started to wear a medal, she never came to pick up the medal. Natt had given a sign to Kao that she really is gone forever from his life.

If you want to know the story more clearly, check this out!

This is the song of Just a Second by Kao Jirayu. 

No happy ending hiks B"<

Make fun memories as much as possible but it's only takes just a second to destroy it all...

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