Saturday, December 21, 2013

Domo Kun☆ どーも くん☆

DOMO KUN! (≧∇≦) 

Do you know what is DOMO? 

DOMO is something like... mmm...
hv u ever seen a brown doll? shaped box with mouth that always open n exhibiting a row of canine teeth in it? Yes! That's DOMO! ܫ

Hulaaa Domo here! (´)  

For more spesifically, Domo is a doll n a character that's used as a mascot at Japanese TV Station a.k.a NHK, you know? Domo appears in every ad with a duration of 30 second.

I knew Domo from my older brother. He showed some video about Domo to me. then I think it's weird, unique, but still cute, charming n adorable, of course!
Domo was born from an egg. Domo has a good friend, named Ta-chan, a weasel. Domo live in a rabbit hole with an old rabbit called Mr. Usaji, then also with 2 bats named Shinobu n Mario. ^∀^

Domo n Friends

I found a lot of Domos with variety of colors, but I prefer the original of the real Domo, brown! (´ω)

Colorful (?)

Here r 2 of videos that I have on my laptop! ()



And here...
Some of my picts with Domo :P

me with my domo-kun! (*´∀`*) what a face!

Domo from my older brother. His friend made this Domo.

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