Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I don't like copycat, I hate it

I recently found a comic that I made when I was in high school. I feel shy ahaha.
This is one of my works that I created to participated in the comic competition for the first time. The competition hosted by GreenPeace in cooperation with University of Indonesia (UI) and Polytechnic of Jakarta (PNJ).
The competition was held for ppl aged 15yo n more. But cz of the permission of the committe, my bro aged 11yo also follow the competition. So, we made comics together. The comic that should be made is at least 4 pages. I made 8 pages in one nite. At that time it was difficult cz the comic should be submitted tomorrow. But I tried my best.
Cause it was my 1st time to enter the comic competition so, I just used tools I hv n then I also used my computer to make it. And the next day I handed our comic (me n my bro) to the University of Indonesia. Me n my brother didn't expect much to be the winner cz it was the 1st time to us to participate in the comic competition like that. Of course many ppl who also participated in the competition. And we both still younger, right? ahaha, especially my little brother :P But if we could be the winner it would be more fun! :)

After that, all we can do is only waiting for the announcement. fufufu...

this all belongs to me. if you wanna see clearly, just click this pict

A few days later, we received the good news about the competition. Beyond expectations... I managed to be the winner! I was in the 1st place, the 2nd winner was a student of Indonesian University if I'm not mistaken.. and then 3rd winner was my little brother! we received certificate, cash prize n free courses to learn how to make Japanese comic (Manga) from the organizers. Thank you so much anyway :) But we didn't hv time enough to take the courses so, we released that chance hehe 8)

But unfortunately... last year, I found out that someone did plagiarism to my work in a university. Yep, I saw 2 pictures on the wall magazine (bulletin) n I was familiar when I saw the picts... When I observed well, I realized that the picts both very similiar to the 2 pages of comic I made when I participated in the comic competition when I was in high school. OMG....

by copycat x_x

I feel a bit annoyed, disappointed..
Even though it was only 2 pages, altough we weren't same at hand scratches but, the shape of the pictures very similiar to my work a.k.a my comic n the position too altough the copycat couldn't copy mine so well... ahaha what a day! :'>

Why did they copy my work without my permission? it was known by 3 of my friends cz they were with me at that time n my friends became angry. Even my brother saw it by himself without my telling asdfghjkl 
But eventually the copycat  admitted her guilt to me n then apologized..
Very surprised to know that she copied my work to fulfill the final task on the college. asdfghjkl altough my work isn't good enough but it still my work n I appreciate it.. 
She really regretted havin' done that so I've forgiven her altough everytime I remember about it I still feel annoyed... ._.
Cause it isn't easy to be creative for me so I also try to be creative more n more that's why I feel so annoyed x_x
But I hope I'll never get this kind of experience anymore >_<