Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stuck in the Moment..

I saw her cry...
in quiet.. in silence.. without tears...
n I know she was crying...

Right now..
I see her laughing..
although there's still pain in her eyes..
even though her heart still feels tired..
and I know.. she laughed..
I know.. she has resigned..
I know.. she has given up..
she can't do anything on the power of her heart..

And now she was silent..
waiting in a very deep longing..
waiting in a very quiet inside..

But now..
she doesn't care..
although she had to wait in quiet...
even she didn't care if she's like a mermaid..
she doesn't care what others say.. 

the one who was to award a rainbow to her at nite..
not anymore..
even though in the afternoon, she's never seen it..
She still wanted here to drizzle back n say..
“I will convey your misses to him

She never knew, n she didn't want to know what's on your mind..
whatever you think about her.. she only knew..
She just wanna love you as long as she can..
though she wasn't able to see you..
however, she didn't even attempt to hate you..

So, let her to have you only in her memories..
Cause only in memories she can be happy with you..  

who is "She"?
She is myself, anyway.. :')


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