Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Juniel Ft. Jung Yong Hwa - Fool MV

Babo MV

 ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
I found this video in my bro's folder on his laptop n I really like the lyrics of this song!
1st time I saw this video, I donno who's the singers both..
But I think the man is a member of CN Blue isn't he ? mmm...
So I tried to search this video on youtube, and finally I already know who both sings :>
I love the meaning of this song..
Too cute n too sweet, right? (*´∀`*)
Especially when they said;
 I'm an idiot who's only sees you
I love you
Even if someone says or teases me
I will only look at you, like a fool
I'm an idiot who only loves you
Baby want your love
Baby want your love
Love you love you
I'll take you into my mind...

Actually wanna share this video from youtube but there's no one that similiar like my bro's one ahaha I feel so (‾▿‾)v so I uploaded my bro's one :> but it doesn't mean my bro's one is better, of course not 8>
I just feel strange cause I'm used to see video on my bro's laptop 8>
What!? ∑(=゚ω゚=;) No need to explain that's not important??? D:
Yea, I really know that! haha sorry ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
 enjoy it!
♪(ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ

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