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Meet and Greet with Ono Eriko Sensei (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

I accidentally found a link shared by my friend on her twitter. Thereee, I found this good news n I saw this! held in several places! tetteret tereeet dung dung dung cesh!♪♪(((≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)))♪♪♪♪

I was so surprised when I read this! O(≧▽≦)O

Btw, do u know Ono Eriko? She is a comic artist from Japan. I knew her from her work called "Hai Miiko" or "Kocchimuite Miiko". I really really realllyyyy like the story she made in her comic. 1st I read "Hai Miiko" when I was 12 yo. When I was 19 going on 20, I got a chance to meet her! How good Allah to meeeh! What a lucky girl I am, right? O(≧∇≦)O fufufu~
But of course there r some rules before I met her. Ppl who could meet with her also limited.

On 220613, I took the bus without paying cz at that time it was the birthday of the city where I live. So, free ticket! I went there with my friend. But cz it was free, the bus became full n uncomfortable tbh, hehe. It doesn't matter. The important is I can meet my Idol! ( ̄∀ ̄)

(。・_・。)σ Free tickets

When I got there, I felt impatient omg. Sooo excited! All the way to the room, I saw Miiko stickers plastered across the floor till the room. I entered the room that can only be entered by invited guests.

(●`・ω・)ゞ One of stickers on the floor

(^∇^)σ The Invitation
The guests_〆(・ェ・*)

The atmosphere in the room. ( ̄∇ ̄;)σ Can u see a woman between 2 girls?

After re-registering, I immediately entered the room n I could see Ono Sensei. She sat between 2girls that became her translator. uhh envy with these girls! I could see the guests sat n wait their turn to get her sign, hand shake, n talk a little with her. Then, I waited patiently. I couldn't help but smile. my heart beats faster bcos too excited uh!
I finally got a chance to face to face with her hehe. I was allowed to take pict of her but not close up. She is really beautiful and friendly. She looks neat! (o◕ฺω◕ฺ)♦♫⁺♦

One by one (⌒▽⌒)

She made a sign for me o(*⌒―⌒*)o

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pict with her.. (´Д`) When she asked if I have a message for her, I said "Watashi wa Ono Sensei ga dai fan desu. Miiko ga daisuki!" hahahaha. I was so nervous at that time. She asked me what character I like in her comic? n I told her I like Miiko n Tappei. They r sooo fit. I also said to her that my heart was pounding cz I can meet with her. I also made the letters and marshmallow with chocolate cream for her n I hope she wanna eat it. I got that idea from her comic where Miiko make chocolate marshmallow when Valentine's day. Our conversation ended with the sentence "Terima Kasih" that comes out of her mouth with her smile and handshake. (●´▽`)

From me to Ono Sensei \(ˆ ▽ ˆ)/

After that, there was a photo session with Ono Sensei for 15 lucky ppl. Actually i wanted join the photo session but I hv to pay (again) for it, that's too bad.. (●´△`) So I took pict of them. But they didn't get a chance to get a sign for her n greet or talk a little with her. So I think it's fair unless they wanna pay more (again) for it. pssttt... tbh bit envy with them hihi (= ̄∇ ̄=)v

15 lucky ppl with Ono Eriko Sensei (>_<;)

The event closed with a few words from Ono Sensei. She said that in her latest comic of Miiko which will be published later there will be a story about the country where I live. Aih... I can't wait for the newest comic.. (´・ω・`)

Envy with a girl beside her, I wish I also could be a committe lol

With my friend (*´∀`*)

Seeing the sign before go home (●ゝ∀・●)

When arrived at home, I checked the bag I got from that event. ε=(ノo`・∀・)ノ

I got this from there (人●´ω`●)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Surpriseee!

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Ono Eriko Sensei in another place 

The most important thing I've been able to meet with Ono Eriko Sensei. Thanks to Allah SWT for gave me a chance. That's really make me happy! Dear Ono Sensei, I hope someday I can take pict with you, Sensei. Keep working, Ono Eriko Sensei. Ganbatte ne! Thank you for coming, Ono Sensei! See you next time! ヾ(^∇^) 

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