Monday, August 26, 2013


I just realized that I'm so excited in a month. Or more? Since the month of fasting till... right now? Till I feel forgotten that I had a sadness experienced previously.

Cz of you? Or? I donno. But since you exist in my life, I feel be better more than before.
Give an affects to myself.

And I still don't understand but you are a little disturbing this mind. Spin in my mind. Tbh I feel comfortable when you talk to me n when I am with you,
But I don't wanna disturb you with what I feel so you don't need to know about it :P
You won't know that what you hv done so meaningful to me.

Thank you for makes me smile n laugh from this heart :)

Thank you so much to someone who can make me feel forget the sadness that I've ever experienced :)

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